About us

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Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Metal Co., Ltd., is located in High-tech Development Zone of Baoji citywhich is famous as "Chinese titanium city"of Shaanxi province of China. Ruicheng is a high-tech enterprise featured with strong power, advanced technology, high quality of product and good service. In recent years, depending on abundant industrial resource of "Chinese titanium city", company has strong non-ferrous metal research and manufacturing strength, as well as complete titanium industry manufacturing industrial chain. Ruicheng is mainly in charge of deep processing research, design and production of industrial & civil titanium as well as other rare metals, and gradually establishes a set of fine and complete production process.

Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Metal Co., Ltd. focuses on processing and sales of titanium anode and titanium electrode (including ruthenium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, iridium-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, platinum-series titanium anode/titanium electrode, etc.). Ruicheng also owns processing and sales line of titanium plate, bar, pipe, standard parts,composite material and other non-ferrous metal products. The products are widely applied in chemical industry, metallurgy, petroleum, textile, medicine, light industry, environmental protection, sports, mine, ocean and other fields.
In production and sales service, Baoji Ruicheng Titanium Metal Co., Ltd. always adheres to purposes of "quality oriented, technology advanced, customer first" and concept of "striving for progress of production technology, insisting on honesty and trustworthiness in sales". Following principle of scientific management and sustainable development, the company, with strong research strength, flexible business strategy, complete quality guarantee system, as well as careful, enthusiastic and complete after-sale service which has achieved mutual benefit and common development with foreign partners. Ruicheng has established long-term strategic partner relationship with large enterprises from Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Italy, America, etc.