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Sponge titanium price continues to fall

In recent days, I received a call from the downstream customers of sponge titanium enterprises, saying that the market price of sponge titanium is chaotic and there is no more unity than the "group" price increase and price support in 2019, as if there is a feeling of "price fall and fly respectively".Yesterday morning, jiangsu a titanium tube enterprise boss told me on the phone, sponge titanium recently how, unexpectedly slipped to 65,000 yuan/ton?The reporter learned also surprised!Is this sponge titanium price to also want to learn the stock market "circuit breaker"?Titanium capricious into a titanium love, titanium sponge where is your "bottom line"?

Speaking of the sponge titanium market from "titanium capricious" to "titanium love", the reporter combed their own from 2015 to 2019 published in China non-ferrous metal newspaper has a consistent analysis of the titanium market, so more systematic reasoning (2005-2014 not a case).

In 2015, "titanium road grinding" and "titanium industry: prospects and Wells" were published.

In 2016, the volume and price of titanium sponge "crawl" into a normal state, and the titanium industry also needs "targeted therapy".

In 2017, "six major forces driving the growth of titanium" micro-crawl ".

In 2018, "nirvana" rising China's titanium industry ", "can the recovery of titanium sponge repeat yesterday's story", "titanium sponge cyclical market pattern is gradually going away".

Whose cheese has the rising price of titanium sponge moved?", "the market is still good price rise momentum is weak", "before and after National Day titanium market price analysis" (the titanium market analysis article can be searched out in baidu, China nonferrous metals network, sina and some securities network).

The above titanium market analysis is only a representative part of dozens of articles, from which we can see that China nonferrous metals news, China nonferrous metals network, titanium micro media published text focus on the objective analysis of the market.

Since the 21st century, the development of Chinese titanium industry a backgammon, titanium market to play a roller coaster ride is a heartbeat: titanium sponge from 40000 yuan a ton in 2004 to more than 20, ten thousand yuan a ton, then prices all the way down the alternate "shrines" to 2015-2016 and fall back to more than 40000 yuan a ton, as a state-owned corporation boss's face is full of a sullen.Why?Kui!Kui!Kui!There is no reward for labor.When sponge titanium price falls greatly, market demand rises steadily however.Without a solution, overcapacity will surely feed on itself.

In the face of the market does not believe the tears of this situation this scene, the reporter analysis titanium industry is titanium road grinding but still happy titanium scene, and firmly believe that the lowest price of around 42,000 yuan in 2016 has been really in the end, then the sponge titanium volume price "micro climb" will become the normal.Facts have proved that the six driving forces of resource price increase, strict control of environmental protection, development of civil goods, aviation traction, cycle gravity and expansion of fields have promoted the rigid and slow growth of sponge titanium market demand.After 2017, the price of titanium sponge in the market "blossomed in the spring", rising gradually in the ups and downs, from more than 50,000 tons at the end of 2017 to 68,000 yuan/ton at the end of 2018, and from 68,000 yuan/ton at the end of 2018 to 81,000 yuan/ton at the end of 2019.When titanium sponge price gradually rose quickly, then looked up, and production in combustion, project is launched, the market overheating phenomenon began to surge again, at this point, the reporter thought underwent titanium sponge titanium sponge price enterprise own cheese, dilute their profits, and be sure to line and to cherish, don't lost the hard-won market soon!

However, when the price of titanium sponge rose to 81,000 yuan/ton, some websites are still "monkey" said the titanium sponge market is strong.At this point, the reporter analysis that the market is still good price rise momentum is weak, think the price has not risen up, the reason is that the pace of expansion accelerated, the increase in import output, and the market demand is only a small increase, unless the sponge titanium production is stable and not increase will push the price up.Subsequently, the reporter combined with the upstream and downstream market conditions in 2019 wrote a price analysis of the titanium market before and after National Day, thinking that the price of 81,000 yuan is difficult to rise again, because the "speed" of production expansion, production resumption and new projects is far faster than the slow growth of the downstream.Once again, the market should prove China's nonferrous metal report, titanium micro - media objective analysis.

The market is titanium capricious, the market fell on the titanium jiao sentiment.After only one quarter in 2020, the spongy titanium market has been in chaos, when most enterprises huddle together and the actual transaction price is stable at around 76,000 yuan, an enterprise directly hit around 70,000 yuan.When the majority of enterprises huddle actually clinch a deal price to stabilize in 73,000 yuan or so, some enterprise directly hit 65,000 yuan or so.This phenomenon directly affects the downstream enterprises to sign a single, affect the industrial chain thinking, really want to ask a: sponge titanium price where is your bottom line?There are always enterprises "throw" unreasonable prices, resulting in the downstream difficult to sign a contract with the downstream.

Spongy titanium prices fall some think that the outbreak caused, this analysis is too far-fetched.If the expansion of production slow, slow production, new projects slow, slow production growth slow, the sponge titanium market will not fall so fast.April 2, 2020 is also today's China nonferrous metal newspaper published "the titanium market" phenomenon ", analyzes the market's own problems.When up and down does not match, the market adjustment of buyer and seller can produce effect, do not blame the ruthlessness of the market, and should see clear market a little sunshine immediately "oneself make 'much' affection" bring bad result.This is the "bad result" that 81,000 yuan fell back to the current 70,000 yuan.

For the price change of sponge titanium market in 2020, the reporter still decided to depend on three factors: first, the production should not grow too fast, otherwise it will suffer the consequences;Second, the supply of titanium tetrachloride is still around the price of titanium sponge;Third, the chain downstream just need to increase to continue to benefit the sponge titanium market.From the present situation of expanded production of sponge titanium, the more titanium processing enterprises in the buyer's market, the more titanium sponge titanium enterprises in the seller's market.2020 sponge titanium price axis should be 75,000 yuan/ton, fluctuation of 5,000 yuan or so.From the titanium sponge price movements of recently has been run at the bottom of the axis of 75000 yuan, 75000 yuan to return to the axis of above operation, still hope expansion, and production, the new project cooperation on footsteps slowly, slowly again, otherwise all profits were diluted, everyone in the "play" means the table surface phase the heart out of the market.

A little bit of wind and grass on the market, it seems fragile titanium love, this is the original titanium headstrong to the trouble.Journalists have 5 years strung into a line analysis can be seen: titanium market is not shrinking, but growing, 8, ninety thousand, 2019 tons of titanium sponge titanium sponge (including import) once again proved that the market demand is still good, just sponge titanium enterprises to increase the pace faster "titanium" go "titanium" nasty, leading to market instability, truly fulfilled folk saying "you eat not hot tofu".

Market chaos are all from their own willfulness, the market is the original petulance."The solution also needs to tie the bell", if you want to market, please do not be too capricious, capricious excessive, the price want to hold together it is to pay the price.The market is always the judge of survival of the fittest, in the next five years some sponge titanium enterprises continue to flourish, some sponge titanium enterprises will be in the willful "shuffle" out of the out, then, the love is not useful!

From:Titanium Micro Media Writer:Pantingxiang