Platinum Titanium Anode For Hydrogen-enriched Water Cup

Platinum Titanium Anode For Hydrogen-enriched Water Cup

Platinum Titanium Anode For Hydrogen-enriched Water Cup

Category:Platinum Titanium Anode For Hydrogen-enriched Water Cup

Platinum Titanium Anode For Hydrogen-enriched Water Cup

The ruicheng Titanium electrode developed and produced by Baoji Ruicheng Titanium metal Co., Ltd. has excellent electrocatalytic activity and electrochemical stability, as well as high electrolytic efficiency, electrolytic stability and no harmful substances residue and other outstanding advantages.Titanium anodes are mainly used in electrochemical and electrometallurgy industries.Electrolytic industries using metal anodes include: chlor-alkali industry, aluminate production, hydroelectricity, hospital sewage treatment, disinfection of domestic water and food utensils, treatment of industrial water, galvanized steel plate, chrome-ruthenium plating, electrodialysis desalination, battery production, cathodic protection, titanium fund oxide coating, etc.Application fields involve chemical industry, metallurgy, water treatment, environmental protection, electroplating, electrolytic organic synthesis and other industries.

Titanium anode is used in the electrolytic machine to generate acid and base ionized water in the process of water electrolysis. In the process, there are various strong oxidizing substances in the water, such as O3, H2O2 and HCLO, etc., while the anode often changes direction, so special functional electrodes must be used.Titanium anode is used as an anode in an electrolytic machine. It has the following advantages:

(1) having good electrical conductivity;

(2) Strong corrosion resistance;

(3) Good mechanical strength and machining performance;

(4) Long working life;

(5) Having good electro-catalytic performance.

Coated titanium electrode titanium anode

Coated titanium electrode is refers to the pure titanium as the matrix, the matrix can be titanium rods, titanium plate, titanium wire mesh, titanium wire, through the special processing of the titanium substrate surface, and then put the metal or metal oxide, optimizing precious metal or precious metal oxide plating to the titanium substrate surface, combined into an organic whole, so that the corrosion resistance of titanium substrates and the surface of metal oxide conductivity and catalytic activity of organically unifies in together, so that the titanium electrode with excellent performance.

Advantages of coated titanium electrodes

1.The size of the anode is stable and the distance between electrodes does not change during the electrolysis process, so the electrolysis operation can be carried out under the condition of stable tank voltage.

2.Low working voltage, small power consumption, DC power consumption can be reduced by 10-20%.

3.Titanium anode has long working life and strong corrosion resistance.

4.The dissolution of graphite anode and lead anode can be overcome and the pollution of electrolyte and cathode products can be avoided.

5.High current density, low overpotential, high catalytic activity of electrode, and high production efficiency.

6.Titanium anode is used in chlor-alkali production, with high product quality, high chlorine gas purity, no CO2 and high alkali concentration, which can save heating steam and energy consumption.

7.It can avoid the short circuit of lead anode after deformation and improve the current efficiency.

8.Easy to make and high precision.

9.The titanium matrix can be reused.

10.Low overpotential characteristic, the surface between electrodes and the bubbles of electrodes are easy to be removed, which can effectively reduce the voltage of electrolytic cell